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Phuket's West Coast

Phuket's west coast is the island's most popular area, with resorts, restaurants and shops huddled around each perfect bay. Where the east coast is lined with mangroves, the west coast's beaches feature white sand bays, clear waters and beautiful swimming and snorkelling conditions.

Phuket by Elite Yachting - Phuket Yacht Charter

To the south, Nai Harn beach is probably the most popular anchorage in the north-east season, with holding available almost anywhere in the bay. The beach is one of the island's most beautiful and there are plenty of on-shore facilities.

Nai Harn to Kata Beach by Elite Yachting - Phuket Yacht Charter   Heading north is Kata beach, home to some of the island's largest and most exclusive hotels and resorts, and one of the most beautiful beaches, and anchorage can be found in the south-east corner of the bay. The next bay along is Freedom Bay with a 10-metre anchorage. Access by road to Freedom Bay is limited, making it a quiet oasis between Kata and Patong. The bay has good snorkelling and diving and a small restaurant on-shore.
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Patong Bay by Elite Yachting - Phuket Yacht Charter   Patong Bay is by far the busiest beach on Phuket, with a huge number of hotels, backpacker establishments, restaurants, shops and not to mention a vibrant (some might say wild) nightlife. The beach is very busy, with jet skis and motorboats continually buzzing up and down the bay, making it a noisy place to lay anchor.
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Patong to Ao Bang Tao by Elite Yachting - Phuket Yacht Charter   Click map image to enlarge.
Ao Bang Tao to Sarasin Bridge by Elite Yachting - Phuket Yacht Charter   Things get quieter north of Patong, though Kamala and Surin beaches are still very popular. Beyond these though lie a few quiet white sand beaches between Bang Tao and Nai Yang, and further north of Nai Yang is Mai Khao, a seven-mile long beach, the longest on the west coast and which is only now starting to be developed in earnest.
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Charts courtesy of Southeast Asia Pilot - www.southeastasiapilot.com